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Olive Wood Gifts

Our Commitment to our Guests

What Makes the Olive Tree Unique?
Symbol of wisdom, peace, triumph, wealth and abundance, the olive is a most precious gift, offered from goddess Athena to the city of Athens.

Olive trees have an almost titanic resistance, a vital force which renders them nearly immortal. Despite harsh winters and burning summers, despite being abused they continue to grow, proud and strong reaching towards the sky, bearing fruit that nourishes and heals, inspires and amazes.

- Olympic winners were presented with a simple olive tree branch. The ancient Greeks believed (as do the modern) that the vitality and the positive energy of the sacred olive tree was transmitted to the recipient through the branch.

- Jesus spent his last night before Crucifixion in an olive grove. The power and the aura of the olive trees helped him the concentrate, meditate and pray.

- Noah after the cataclysm sent a dove to bring to the ark a sign of life. The dove game back with a branch of an olive tree in his mouth. Noah knew from this that his family and the animals could survive famine and diseases.

Why Olive Tree Products?


-The Olive Tree shop, represents the Greek traditional hand made creations,

providing you with natural products, made out of the Ancient symbol of

Peace - Prosperity - Glory, Love and Strength , the Olive Tree.

-Most of our wooden carvings are made from the pruning of  the tree- a  necessary process for healthy and proper development-, since the purpose of the tree is, the production of Olive Oil. Occasionally, when the trees do no longer produce, - mainly because of very old age,( over 500 y) we uproot them and have the pleasure working with large pieces , carving master items, like, large salad bowls , cutting/serving boards, mortal and pestles  clocks, boats. 

-Our collection includes all and different style of  KITCHEN utensils ( variety of spoons, spatulas, salt and pepper sets, honey pots and sticks,cutting boards, bowls, cups, etc) together with authentic and  distinguish Olive wood handled Cretan  knives etc. 

-A stunning  collection of DECORATIVE  pieces, such as: frames, clocks, animals, delicate pens, chess boards , backgammon sets, smoking pipes.

-Our Olive Oil COSMETICS- huge variety of pure SOAPS, Hand and Body LOTIONS, face care, hair and body cleaning, PARABEN  FREE, are all tested and accompanied with all necessary documents and licenses of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization. 

-We are making for you  the most fascinating JEWELLS , such as bracelets, earnings, pendants, necklaces, key rings, worry beads using No synthetics or plastic materials only Olive wood, ceramics, semi precious stones and metals. 

Each one unique and made by hand.

Please come to us to talk about the properties and the myths surrounding this gift of God. The OLIVE TREE.